A Dreaming of the Sun’s Descent

Doesn’t the sun follow a similar story path as Persephone and Inanna walked after all?

I had a theme to my most successful magic last year. I didn’t feel it throughout the day-to-day, but here we are on the other side. And hopefully, this is a good year for hindsight as the name suggests. I see now that my pathfinding workings yielded the most exciting results.

I hit stability sometime last year. Security in my job, love, studies, income. As I reached contentment where there had been struggle, I climbed up that Maslow’s mountain and began wanting direction towards a purpose. Maybe I got one, maybe not. But I did get a project. I want to live the mysteries.

The Coming Work

Skinner introduces Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic by drawing lines between three categories. There is religion which is devotional worship. Magic is done for a purpose. And mystery which is experiential.

I have a handful of mystery texts to dive into. The Orphic Hymns via Orphic Hymn Grimoire by Sara Mastros is at the top of the list. She includes several rites within the book that I will be building up to. One by one, I will be invoking these to life. We’re going to be diving into some nice reconstruction UPG and it wouldn’t be the mysteries without also playing with intoxicants, yea? Dancing, trancing, and ecstasy. Looking for revelation and becoming revelation. As Mastros says,

“Ecstasy, literally ‘ex-stasis’, requires you to let go, and allow yourself to become possessed… Orphism, at its core, is about the interplay between divine incarnation… and divine possession (humans temporarily becoming god-like).”

A Final Sync on Purpose

I recently discovered Kozminsky Symbols. Astrologer Cameron White talked passionately about them on a live cast on New Year’s Eve with Chris Brennan. His mention of them making great tattoos may have been a big push in looking them up. Turns out Isidore Israel Kozminsky was born in 1870 and published a book containing image descriptions for every degree of the zodiac*.

I have an immensely solar chart, so I started there. The Kozminsky Symbol for the degree of my sun:

25º Gemini: A hand issuing from the heavens holding a great scroll on which is shining a pentagram.
Denotes one of considerable occult force who has a mission to perform and must do what he is destined to do, no matter how strongly he may be opposed. It will be useless for the native to allow himself to be drawn into the world’s gambling and money schemes or towards the lower elements of material life. It is a symbol of Etherealism.

Now that is a goal. Time to do the sun proud.

I have already started playing. The beginning adventures have been drafted into future posts and I can’t wait to share them.

* Info of Kozminsky and quote of 25 Gemini from an astrologer named Giselle at cornerstone-astrology.com.

Also, I’d kill to get a peak at the Kozminsky Symbols that everyone else relates to in their charts!

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